Songs of Love and Protest

by Ben Ernest Nelson

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Recorded by Ryan Stansky and Layton Autrey at Harbor House Studios in Southlake Texas December 19th 2010


released December 29, 2011

All Songs by Ben Ernest Nelson
Glory Glory by Josh Fleming
cover photo by Dan Nelson



all rights reserved


Ben Ernest Nelson Denton, Texas

Ben Ernest Nelson is a Singer/Songwriter from Denton, Texas. His debut album, Songs of Love and Protest, was released in 2011.
He has played in Knoxville Dangerous, The Goners, and Armadillo Pillow.

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Track Name: Well Enough Alone
Will you visit me? (in my rabbit hole)
I've been dying in these trenches and it's tearing out my soul
I've followed all your orders, I can't lift my head no more
and we can't leave well enough alone.

You sent me over seas, and across the desserts bare.
I've climbed all your mountain tops, and raised your colors their.
The villages lay pillaged, and theirs famine everywhere.
and we can't leave well enough alone.

It's not about the freedom, the red, the white or blue
when invading soverign nations it was never what we do.
But if times are a-changing, people can change too,
and we can't leave well enough alone.

We used our fire power and we cleared the city streets
and ignored the starving children who were clinging to our feet.
Just send them our McDonalds, and they'll find a way to eat.
and we can't leave well enough alone.

Our politicians promise to turn our lives around,
but they are taking all our money and they are not making a sound
We all the people are getting burried underground
and we can't leave well enough alone.

So turn to the churches, that's all that we have left.
After all, if God's correct, than this is just a test.
But when religion's just a product, I've got no pennies left,
and we can't leave well enough alone.
Track Name: Side of Life
Brother where are you? attitude confide.
Never dealing with your fears, you must cast it aside
and Sister now with child, learning from your past
Never admit when you're wrong, because you are iron cast
but what can take us from this journey?
With our mistakes, are we learning?

Cause I know that we've been down this road before.
It seems like forever laying out on the floor
By yourself, armed with your side of life
Use it in the darkness, will you tell me whats right?

So Father, where are you? Now, I cannot run.
I just try to make you proud, of all that I have done.
And Mother close your eyes. Put away your war.
Just tell me what you want to feel, don't worry anymore.
What can take us...
I know that we've...

And as for you my love, the one that I call mine.
I'm my best when you are near, making me alive.
my love, it will not fail. I am always yours.
and when I'm laying next to you, I know I am home.
Track Name: Glory Glory
We Sang along to the sounds of loaded guns as we marched through the streets of fire
and I was just a boy in the adolescent army, a pawn that's left behind for the flag I died to save
we felt a hand, guiding motherland. Guiding to defend the shores of Jacob's Gate
I will return just to see the eyes of the sweetheart left behind
Glory Glory send me to die.

We stepped in time, crossing border lines as the sun set the stage of battle
the sargent to his men said, "Boys you cant forget, Today we stand before the judgment of the lord."
I softly pray, "Oh Holiest of names, please give me strength and courage to fight glorified."
The time has come, the war is far from won, and we gladly sing along
Glory Glory send me to die.

Explosions in the sky brightly fill my eyes as we dance accross the fronline to welcome the brigade
with the war I march beside to conquer glorified, to stand to the right of the brothers I have lost.
A man with no regret will never understand how I wish I could have kissed you before I said goodbye
I feel this song of death, passing through these lips, and I'm singing only this,
Glory, Glory send me to die.
Track Name: Battlefield Sunrise
When they rob you of your voice, will you find a way to speak?
and become a last hope for those beaten in the streets.
I will not carry on tonight, fading for a flag
that just is a reminder of all the good times we all had
When they rob you of your vision, will you let the others see?
See the walls, they crumble down in the ruins of our defeat.
Our oppressor hangs his banners, marching into night
Knowing our last struggle, will not be glorified.
No, it will not be glorified.

What's needed is a symbol, someone larger than your life
a force that will nto waiver when it's time to face the knife
and be a hope for the downtrodden, who's backs are agianst the wall
and show each of us that not everyone will fall
but instead of this hero, we're surrounded on all sides
by the souls of the victims and the lucky who survived
and no one's taking chances as we're marching in our lines
each person is a coward, and no one wants to die.
Yes, no one else wants to die.

And who will carry on, when each of us has fallen
as the darkness turns to dawn, a lonely voice is calling
and she calls into the amber of a battlefield sunrise
she's looking for her love, with tears streaming from her eyes
But she can't find him in the carnage, and she's loosing all her hope
of a family, picket fences, and the dreams that others spoke
What is the cost of one hundred thousand lives?
and how long before another battlefield sunrise?
I said how long before we die?
Track Name: Novocain
Everything has change since you walked right out that door
Why cant this be like yesterday, when we were so much more
If you give me one more chance i will do the right things,
say the right words, I'll show you.
I'd say I love you but you know you've heard it all before

And I just wanna know what we're fighting for
Are we holding onto each other or is this war?
it seems so easy these days, just to throw our lives away
and I just wanna know...

I know you've got your reasons why you just cant stay
but i cant seem to help my self, you know I need you more every single day
you said it's just a crush, it wont amount to much,
please excuse me if I tend to disagree
I'd say I love you but you can't hear one word I say

And I just want to know what the is going on
it's been so easy to forget you since youve been gone
but everytime you come back around I cant help myself and it brings me down
straight back to the ground

Lets run away sweet Penny Lane, from all the hurt and all the pain
cause when you touched me you have crushed me and I will never be the same
I will ride this hurricane straight through the darkness and the rain
cause I'm inside you, deep inside you like a shot of novocain

and we may never be the same, we may never breath again
and we may never see, the times we always need
that doesnt mean...

Let's run away sweet Penny Lane...
When you kissed me you dismissed me and I will never breath again
No, I will never breath again.
Track Name: Let You Down
I met her right before I turned 19
Her hair was blonde and her eyes so green
we learned to share our love and watch it grow
at 21 we made our house a home
and it was the best thing I've ever known

So, will it let you down, if I give it my all, if I live my life
will it make you proud if I sing so loud, and love my wife.

At 20's when I lost my taste for flesh
I havent eaten animals ever since
but I never got respect for my ideals
and someone must protect those baby seals
or even when I cooked those vegan meals

So will it let you down...
Track Name: How Many Days?
And who will stand up tall, whether not their right or wrong
and dont believe when they hear the world exploding.
and we can not ignore, a future unexplored
or the million tons of nature we are wasting.

And how many days till we get it right?
How much longer till we light the fuse
we are buring to the ground, poisioning our clouds
we cannot afford to loose.

And who will sacrifice, profit from what is right?
Try to save something for our future.
but no one will comply to the facts and ignore the lies
and now the world is running on computers.

How many days...?

And people are the same, no matter race or age
I'm sick of being told that we are different
just because of faith in Gods with different names
that doesn't give your right to spread the fear

and how many days...?
Track Name: Goodnight Texas
Once upon a time, on a lonely highway
Starlight by my side, and and open road to guide me
the city fades in miles, a past reflection's memory
and each mile flys on by, when you're driving throught the country

So Goodnight Texas, cause I'm driving away.
state lines are out of sight, things will never change
count the mile markers in their place,
you know it seems like forever since I've seen your face
I will drive all through the night
To spend a minute by your side
and when you finely close your eyes
then it's time to say, goodnight.

The sky stretched above my head, is speckled with the stars
and each one holds its breath, not knowing where we are
you know it's not the end, but that doesnt mean we're not lost
so I'll keep driving through the night, to see your face no matter the cost

So Goodnight Texas...

Once upon a time, I rode a lonely highway
bound to see my bride, and no one's gonna stop me.

So Goodnight, Texas...