Well Enough Alone E​.​P.

by Ben Ernest Nelson

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Recorded at Dallas Sound Labs by Jared Welch
Recorded at Harbor House Studios by Ryan Stansky


released December 29, 2011

Ben Ernest Nelson - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Dan Nelson- Bass
Will Huebner - Drums
Album art by Dan Nelson



all rights reserved


Ben Ernest Nelson Denton, Texas

Ben Ernest Nelson is a Singer/Songwriter from Denton, Texas. His debut album, Songs of Love and Protest, was released in 2011.
He has played in Knoxville Dangerous, The Goners, and Armadillo Pillow.

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Track Name: Well Enough Alone
Will you visit me? (in my rabbit hole)
I've been dying in these trenches and it's tearing out my soul
I've followed all your orders, I can't lift my head no more
and we can't leave well enough alone.

You sent me over seas, and across the desserts bare.
I've climbed all your mountain tops, and raised your colors their.
The villages lay pillaged, and theirs famine everywhere.
and we can't leave well enough alone.

It's not about the freedom, the red, the white or blue
when invading soverign nations it was never what we do.
But if times are a-changing, people can change too,
and we can't leave well enough alone.

We used our fire power and we cleared the city streets
and ignored the starving children who were clinging to our feet.
Just send them our McDonalds, and they'll find a way to eat.
and we can't leave well enough alone.

Our politicians promise to turn our lives around,
but they are taking all our money and they are not making a sound
We all the people are getting burried underground
and we can't leave well enough alone.

So turn to the churches, that's all that we have left.
After all, if God's correct, than this is just a test.
But when religion's just a product, I've got no pennies left,
and we can't leave well enough alone.
Track Name: Side of Life
Brother where are you? attitude confide.
Never dealing with your fears, you must cast it aside
and Sister now with child, learning from your past
Never admit when you're wrong, because you are iron cast
but what can take us from this journey?
With our mistakes, are we learning?

Cause I know that we've been down this road before.
It seems like forever laying out on the floor
By yourself, armed with your side of life
Use it in the darkness, will you tell me whats right?

So Father, where are you? Now, I cannot run.
I just try to make you proud, of all that I have done.
And Mother close your eyes. Put away your war.
Just tell me what you want to feel, don't worry anymore.
What can take us...
I know that we've...

And as for you my love, the one that I call mine.
I'm my best when you are near, making me alive.
my love, it will not fail. I am always yours.
and when I'm laying next to you, I know I am home.
Track Name: Battlefield Sunrise
When they rob you of your voice, will you find a way to speak?
and become a last hope for those beaten in the streets.
I will not carry on tonight, fading for a flag
that just is a reminder of all the good times we all had
When they rob you of your vision, will you let the others see?
See the walls, they crumble down in the ruins of our defeat.
Our oppressor hangs his banners, marching into night
Knowing our last struggle, will not be glorified.
No, it will not be glorified.

What's needed is a symbol, someone larger than your life
a force that will nto waiver when it's time to face the knife
and be a hope for the downtrodden, who's backs are agianst the wall
and show each of us that not everyone will fall
but instead of this hero, we're surrounded on all sides
by the souls of the victims and the lucky who survived
and no one's taking chances as we're marching in our lines
each person is a coward, and no one wants to die.
Yes, no one else wants to die.

And who will carry on, when each of us has fallen
as the darkness turns to dawn, a lonely voice is calling
and she calls into the amber of a battlefield sunrise
she's looking for her love, with tears streaming from her eyes
But she can't find him in the carnage, and she's loosing all her hope
of a family, picket fences, and the dreams that others spoke
What is the cost of one hundred thousand lives?
and how long before another battlefield sunrise?
I said how long before we die?